The USCSS Nostromo (reg. 180924609) was a $42 billion dollar Weyland-Yutani A Lockmart CM 88B Bison M-Class starfreighter used as a commercial hauler between Thedus and Earth. The Nostromo was 243.8 meters in length, 164.6 meters wide and 72.5 meters in height. It also pulled a massive refinery behind it for processing ore on the long trip to Earth. This refinery is never actually inhabited, as even the Alien remained on the Nostromo itself. In effect the Nostromo itself was more of a tug or a Tractor Truck than a freighter itself.


In the early part of the twenty-second century, it was sent out to transport 20,000,000 tons of mineral ore from a refinery processing station in the Solomons and return it back to Earth. Due to the distance between Earth and the Outer rim, the crew complement were required to put themselves into hypersleep for the journey home.

As the Nostromo passed through the Zeta II Reticuli system, the ship's mainframe computer, "Mother", intercepted a distress beacon originating from a planetoid that would later be identified as Acheron. Per its programming, the computer awakened the crew and submitted a new set of instructions to Captain Dallas. They were contractually obligated to investigate the source of the transmission and render aid if required. Upon reaching the planetoid, the crew took a drop-ship to the planet's surface. Due to the intense weather conditions, the drop-ship suffered minor structural damage, forcing them to remain on the surface for 17-25 hours while Parker and Brett affected repairs.

By the time they eventually returned to the Nostromo, they had unwittingly brought with them a dangerous alien life form, which had already killed Commander Kane. This xenomorph grew to over seven feet in height and began systematically killing off the rest of the crew. After the deaths of Kane and later Brett and Captain Dallas, Warrant Officer Ripley took command of the Nostromo. She accessed Mother and queried how they would be able to neutralize the alien intruder. At this point, Ripley learned that Science Officer Ash was in fact an android sent by the Company specifically to procure the alien specimen. The crew was considered expendable.

Ripley, Parker and Lambert were forced to destroy Ash, but they were no closer to destroying the alien that had been hiding in the ship's air shafts. They decided to take their chances in the Nostromo's shuttle and set the self destruct sequence on the ship. The alien soon killed Parker and Lambert, but Ripley (with Jones in tow) succeeded in activating the self destruct and escaping aboard the life boat. She barely escaped the blast radius from the Nostromo's explosion.


  • LENGTH – 243.8 m (800’)
  • WIDTH – 164.6 m (540’)
  • HEIGHT – 72.05 m (246.4’)


  • LENGTH – 1500 m (4921.2’)
  • WIDTH – 978.7 m (3210.9’)
  • HEIGHT – 880.8 m (2889.7’)
  • SPEED - 0.12 light years per sidereal day (fully laden)

The Nostromo has three decks - A, B, and C.

  • A deck contains the galley, bridge, infirmary, hypersleep chamber, Mother interface and the main airlock.
  • B deck contains equipment and provides access to the shuttles.
  • C deck is used mainly for equipment storage and contains the landing struts (when retracted). It also contains Ash’s observation blister, and Brett and Parker’s engineering station (which houses the auto-destruct console).

The crew consists of a Captain, Executive Officer, Warrant Officer, Navigator, Science Officer, Engineer and Engineering Technician. The crew are mainly on board to handle docking, take off/ landing, and to perform repairs. The minimum crew requirement for take off/ landing is four.

If we assume 4 metres space per deck (2.5 metres for corridors and 1.5 metres in between and either side for air ducts and wiring), we have 8 metres for decks A and B plus another 21 metres for C deck (incorporating 1.7 metres for the main airduct between B and C deck). We now have a ship 29 metres high, then add on the height of the docking port (24.5 metres) on top of the ship, and add outer hull plating, and count the fact the ship is higher at the stern (and houses 27 metres of engine room) to make up the remaining 18.55 metres.

Rough calculations suggest a FTL speed of 4,783,050,655.738 KMH (or 79,717,510.929 KM/Min). Based on a distance of 37 light years (11.35 parsecs) to Zeta 2 Reticuli and 10 months travel time. Calculations are open to conjecture.


  • The name, Nostromo, is taken from the 1904 novel by Polish-born British novelist Joseph Conrad.
  • The Nostromo's registry number is revealed in the beginning of the film when the computer screen first activates.
  • By the economic and commercial standards of the 2179, the Nostromo was valued at 42 billion (adjusted) dollars.

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