Weyland-Yutani is a joint stock corporation that works closely with world governments in the areas of space exploration, commerce, colonization, and military trading. The many branches of Weyland-Yutani work together under the close scrutiny of the shareholders to ensure that all projects meet Company standards.


In order to maintain control of large amounts of colonies settled on distant planets, the government commissioned the Weyland-Yutani Colonial Administration. The Colonial Administration deems which planets are rich in enough in raw material to begin the terraforming process. The Atmosphere Processors are set up by Company employees and must be maintained over several decades in order to make the planet's air breathable. Because of the long-term contracts involved, Company employees have the option of bringing family members with them to the terraforming colonies.

Penal FacilitiesEdit

Because of the Government’s inability to handle the over-burned correctional system, the practice was commercialized and Weyland-Yutani became one of the top enterprises in the field. The company's success in space exploration and settling terraforming colonies made creating a network of outer-rim prison planets an easy task. The facilities act not only as prisons, but also as mines where inmates serve sentences of hard labor, and produce valuable commodities at the same time.


Weyland-Yutani works closely with the Government in the development of new weapons technology in order to ensure the safety of its terraforming colonies transport ships, and the lives of Company employees who serve on them. Mankind has explored space for centuries, and the discovery of every new world presents new dangers. These factors are taken very seriously by the Company, and the Bio-Weapons Division is constantly developing new forms of protection against such threats. In this universe of fear, treachery, and intrigue, it is very difficult to know your true friends. However, are out there. By far, your most powerful one is Weyland Yutani. Weyland Yutani Bioweapons division strived to control the Alien organism. They were the first to encounter them on their world of Acheron and attempted to keep their discovery secret but the CMC’s investigation opened the door. Hyperdyne was the first to try to jump on the discovery. Their attempts to secure the creature exclusively for themselves failed and the aliens spread across the universe. WY has even been known to start infestations in colonized areas to observe the effects. There was a major controversy at CL4 when it was discovered WY was using their Red Giant Spaceliner ships for years as cover for secret -- probably highly illegal -- experiments on this alien species. Because their headquarters are stationed off world, Weyland Yutani survived the war but suffered badly because of public backlash of their activities before and during. Their operating size was sliced more than half after the war because of destroyed or rebelling colonies.

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